​​​​​​​April 2016 Newsletter

Manager’s Message


Welcome to our April newsletter – I hope you’re well. It has been another busy month at Sunny Meadows Khalifa! I am pleased to tell you that work has finally begun on our garden and we should soon have an exciting new space for all the children to explore, including a shaded water play area for use during the hot summer months . We have welcomed a lovely new Arabic teacher to our team as well! Her name is Eman and she will be teaching alongside Nelly. She looks forward to getting to know you and your children.

We also have a brand new website! 

Please read ahead for a full update on all of our news and come and see me, anytime.

Best wishes, Laura and team x

Nursery News and Updates…

A Brand New Website!


Please check out our new website which includes lots of information on the nurseries and our Montessori curriculum. You can also download our new Parents’ Handbook and view our gallery, news and events. As mentioned before, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to use images of your child on our site, but if you would prefer us not to, just let us know. 

Graduation – Thursday 26th May 2016

Save the date! We are planning a little graduation ceremony at Sunny Meadows on Thursday 26th May, for all children  and families, to celebrate the past academic year and say goodbye to those who will be leaving us to go to school! It has been wonderful watching all the children grow and develop so much  – we hope you can join us to honour them. More details to follow.

Summer Plans…

If you’re planning to leave early this term, for Ramadan or to travel, please let us know so that we can plan ahead for our summer camp and beyond. If you haven’t yet told us that your child is leaving us to go to school, please get in touch.

All children are welcome to stay at Sunny Meadows until they are 5 years old (FS1).

Montessori Themes this Month

This month, we have been learning about 
and the Five Senses!

Drawings by Me

We have teamed up with this lovely company who make personalised items out of your child’s drawings. Check out our samples in reception – you should receive envelopes with instructions and artworks this week – drawingsbyme.com

New Educore Application

It gives us pleasure to announce that, along with many other top schools and nurseries in Abu Dhabi, Sunny Meadows is about to start using the Educore school management application. This app will allow us to share updates, feedback and news concerning the nursery…paperfree! More details to follow!

Notes from the Nurse

If it’s your child’s birthday and you would like them to celebrate at nursery, please inform us in advance and try to provide only healthy snacks and party bags. Bags containing sweets and bubblegum will be sent back. 

Please make sure you always send your child to nursery with a spare change of clothes in their bag so that we can change them in case of any accidents. 

Lunchbox Recipe of the Month

Last month, we made healthy, fruit flavoured water at nursery and we enjoyed it so much, we want to make some more at home! 

Fruit flavoured water
Mint leaves
Strawberry slices
Orange slices
Small bottle of water

This is the easiest recipe EVER! Thinly slice some fruit of your choice, add to a small bottle of water with some mint and leave in the fridge to infuse. Best served chilled on a hot sunny day.


Please can we remind you to let us know if you’ll be leaving early this term and if you’re heading off to school next year. We would love you to join us for summer camp, so please let us know if you can make it!

Please don’t forget to check and ‘Like!’ our Facebook page for more news and updates throughout the term. 

If you would prefer us to send this newsletter and any other correspondence to an alternative email address, please let us know.

If you are interested in registering your child at Sunny Meadows, please contact us to check availability, arrange a tour and meet our staff. We look forward to seeing you!

New FREE sessions with Mini-Fit UAE!

As you may know, we have been offering fantastic, FREE sessions with Mini-Fit UAE during our Spring Camps at Al Rayyana and Khalifa. This week, we pretended to be wild animals creeping through the forest and practised lots of yoga and gymnastics poses using the parachute! All the children LOVED the  classes so we are pleased to announce that we will continue to offer FREE sessions once a week during the coming term for all children at our Khalifa branch. You can read more about Sunny Meadows and Mini-Fit in this article in the National newspaper –

Abu Dhabi’s Mini-Fit Makes Fitness Child’s Play for Kids

Drawings by Me

We have teamed up with this lovely company who make personalised items out of your child’s drawings. Check out our samples in reception – you should have received envelopes with instructions and artworks this week – drawingsbyme.com

Graduation day!

On Thursday 26th May, 2016 our Khalifa branch will be celebrating the past academic year with a special graduation party.  We invite all families to come along and join in with us. We’ll have a special presentation
 for children leaving the nursery this summer to go to school.

Spring Camp

We’re having so much fun at Spring Camp! This week we’ve been playing in the park, doing puppet shows, baking, gardening and Mini-Fit. On Thursday, we’re having doing face painting and a costume party! There is still space if you would like to join us next week.