Al Rayyana Complex Branch, Khalifa City A

Al Rayyana Complex Branch, Khalifa City A

Al Rayyana Complex is a residential apartment compound situated between Al Forsan Sports Resort and Abu Dhabi Golf Club,

in Khalifa City A. You’ll find our beautiful Montessori nursery, right at the heart of it!

We care for children aged one (learning to walk) – four and a half years and provide classes in English and French.

All of our staff (including our assistants) have received professional Montessori training and are committed to delivering excellent standards of care following this world renowned education system. We have a fully qualified nurse who carefully monitors our children every day and are members of the International Montessori Council.

Our environment is light, bright and spacious with beautiful classrooms set up according to Maria Montessori’s guidelines and using all of her classic, traditional, learning materials.

We are open from 07:30 am – 5:00 pm, Sunday – Thursday. Please come and see us to arrange a tour or classroom observation.

Freedom to learn, grow and explore!

Al Rayyana Complex Branch

Sunny Meadows Montessori Nursery
Al Rayyana Complex, Khalifa City A – Abu Dhabi
P.O. Box: 144500
Between Al Forsan Sports Resort and Abu Dhabi Golf Club.

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If you are interested in registering your child at Sunny Meadows, please contact us to check availability, arrange a tour and meet our staff. We look forward to seeing you!

Sunny Meadows is a place that develops Independent Thinking., Creativity., Self Esteem., Environmental Intelligence., Curiosity., Self-Discipline., Thirst of Knowledge., Imagination.