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Sunny Meadows Montessori

Established in 2012, In Sunny Meadows, we are proud to offer a welcoming and family-oriented, international environment that is safe, happy, and nurturing. We offer exceptional care for children aged 2 months – 4 years and provide classes in English and Arabic.

We are members of the International Montessori Council and all of our staff – teachers AND assistants – have received professional Montessori training.

We are committed to delivering excellent standards of care following this world-renowned education system.
At our nurseries, we measure success by our ability to give the most personalized care to each of our precious children. We recognize the child as an individual, each with special gifts.

Our task is to ensure that we assist the child and parent to know and celebrate each moment of discovery, wonder and achievement while the child develops the necessary tools for success in his/her life as a complete person.

The Montessori method helps children find inner confidence via creative learning that embraces individuality and a natural desire for independence. They learn through play, at their own pace, using classic, traditional Montessori materials amongst children of mixed age and nationality.
Famous Montessori graduates include the founders of Google and Facebook, the British Royal Family, and even George Clooney.
Where will Montessori take your child?

‘Within the child lies the fate of the future,’Maria Montessori c.1896


1. To develop the independent thinking of the children
2. To help the children cultivate their own desire to learn naturally
3. To help the children to develop habits of persistence and initiative which is an essential leadership quality.


Sunny Meadows Montessori Nursery is also known as SMMN is committed to create a partnership with parents to gently assist children to become
the transforming elements of society and leaders of the future.

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Sunny Meadows is a place that develops Independent Thinking., Creativity., Self Esteem., Environmental Intelligence., Curiosity., Self-Discipline., Thirst of Knowledge., Imagination.